CLWP Waterproof Torque Wrench

Brand: Tohnichi
Model: CLWP15Nx10D ~ CLWP200Nx19D


  • Waterproof and dust protection rated to class IP55 / IP57.
    • Prevents dust and water from entering the inside of the torque wrench which reduces accuracy deterioration.
  • High corrosion resistance surface treatment allows wrench to be cleaned with water after use
  • Pre-lock type with torque scale. Torque setting can be changed using standard flathead screwdriver. Adjustment screw is located behind the removable rubber cover.
  • Includes a connection ring where a wire can be attached to prevent tool from being dropped
  • Interchangeable Head Type.  A variety of heads are available and sold separately.
    • CPQH Corrosion Proof Ratchet Head is designed especially for use with CLWP
**Note that CLWP Torque Wrench cannot be used underwater.

Anti-Corrosion coated CPQH ratchet Head are available for selection.


List of Interchangeable Heads         
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