CTB2-G Digital Retightening Torque Wrench

Brand: Tohnichi
Model: CTB10N2X8D-G ~ CTB850N2X32D-G


Digital Torque Wrench for quality inspection using the retightening torque test method.
  • Multiple unit of measure selection by keypad: Nm/kgf.cm./kgf.m/lbf.in/lbf.ft.
  • Expanded data memory capacity up to 999
  • Ni-MH rechargeable battery for 20 hrs continuous use
  • Gyro sensor detects movement of fastener for more accurate testing.
  • Software converts measured torque to initial tightening torque value that is very close to the original applied torque.
  • Ideal for quality inspections to confirm torque value of already tightened bolts using Tohnichi original re-tightening method (T-point method). Click here for more information on T-point method.


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