CEM3-BT Digital Torque Wrench Bluetooth®

Brand: Tohnichi
Model: CEM10N3X8D-G-BT ~ CEM850N3X32D-G-BT


Industrial Grade Digital Torque Wrench with Wireless Data Transfer via Bluetooth®
  • Multiple unit of measure selection by keypad: Nm/kgf.cm./kgf.m/lbf.in/lbf.ft.
  • For inspection (-BTS). For tightening (-BTD).
  • Built-in Bluetooth® module
  • Two version available: Simplex communication model "-BTS" and duplex communication model "-BTD".
    • BTS Simplex
      • "-BTS" simplex model wirelessly transmits captured torque data to a receiving PC
      • "-BTS" model can output data after each operation or "dump" a range of data at one time from the memory.
    • BTD Duplex
      • "-BTD" model can receive instructions for tightening torque value and number of fasteners in the operation from a PC.
      • "-BTD" model outputs the applied torque values back to the PC after each tightening operation is completed.
  • Add Tohnichi's TDMS Software Package to simplify set up and provide a solution for collecting torque data for assembly work or quality inspection routes.


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CEM3-G-BT (Simplex):

CEM3-G-BT (Duplex):

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