Preset Torque Screwdriver (14cNm - 13.6Nm)

Brand: Gedore Torque (Formerly Torqueleader)
Model: Minor FH, Standard FH, TLS 1360 FH


Compact tamperproof tools that deliver the correct torque accurately and repeatedly

  • Accurate process control is ensured by eliminating under and over tightening due to the proven Gedore's slipping technology.
  • These versatile tools are ideal for a wide range of applications by offering both bi-directional and one way slipping actions.
  • Increases production efficiency by reducing operator fatigue due to the smooth reset action of the tools.
**  From 1st February 2017 onwards, our range of Minor, Standard and TLS 1360 screwdrivers will only be available in blue colour. Different coloured end caps will be provided with the torque driver.


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Minor FH Blue:

Standard FH Blue:

TLS 1360 FH Blue:

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