RTD Rotary Slip Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

Brand: Tohnichi
Model: RTD15CN ~ RTD500CN


Used for various kinds of tightening operation from mass production to maintenance work.
  • RTD is designed to ratchet freely after reaching the set torque to prevent applying over-torque.
  • Easy torque adjustment with external scale.
  • Toggle clutch detection mechanism for enhanced durability.
  • All models include the locking mechanism which prevents changing of torque during use.
  • Hexagonal locker prevents driver from rolling and locker can be easily replaced.
*Resin grip handle available for RTD120CN and RTD260CN only.
**Counterclockwise tightening model available upon request.
***Bits are sold seperately.


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RTD S.I. Model No. :

RTD Metric Model No. :

RTD American Model No. :

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